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Avvenire Electric Vehicles Corp. (the “Company” or “Avvenire”) is on a mission to become a global leader in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market by developing the next generation of cutting-edge, cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable lineup of holistic transportation solutions for everyday use. Avvenire products previously named Daymak Avvenire were purchased from Daymak and rebranded accordingly.


"Pre-Orders Soaring For Light EV Line"
"Over 100,000 electric vehicle sold"

best in class line up of lev's

Through its best in line, diverse product offering, Avvenire has established itself as the number one LEV developer and distributor in Canada.

The Avvenire Series is strategically phased to evolve Avvenire’s products into world-class solutions for their respective tiers in the near future.

This will eventually lead to new innovations that will make Avvenire one of the leading LEV developers and distributors in the world.

Market opportunity


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