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We are actively looking for ambassadors and Influencers to join our movement. It doesn’t matter if you have one follower, or a million! – if you like what you’re seeing, come join the team. And for your help in our mission to make a greener world, you can get cool free merchandise, e-bikes, a full car, or direct monetary compensation.

Everything counts in large amounts. Every ebike, ecar or electric vehicle that you help us put on the planet will impact directly by reducing harmful emissions compared to diesel or gas vehicles.

We need your help to make this project a reality. The Spiritus electric car is in the prototype stage.

To prove there is a worldwide market and bring our assembly plant to life in Toronto, Ontario, we need 50,000 pre-orders. This is to prove the bankers, the skeptics, the government, and pessimists wrong. Anything is possible, to achieve it, you must first dream it. This project will create over 500 full-time jobs in the green industry, you can be part of this success. Help us make a difference. We can design it, engineer it and test it, but without your support, we can not achieve it.

Make a difference. Take action. Let’s get it done!

The SPIRITUS ECAR 0 to 60mph in 1.8s coming soon


Product Referrals

1 referral
Daymak Avvenire Keychain and Toque
3 referrals

Daymak Avvenire Knapsack

10 referrals
Daymak Avvenire Gift Box
40 referrals

Daymak Avvenire Jacket

100 referrals

A choice of a Max or Max S Ebike with shipping in Canada/USA or Europe

200 referrals
A Terra Deluxe Ebike
2000 referrals

A Spiritus Deluxe Car value of 20,000 USD

10,000 referrals

A Spiritus Ultimate Car value of 150,000 USD

Cash Referrals

1 - 100 referrals
$10 per referral
100 - 1000 referrals
$15 per referral
1000+ referrals
$20 per referral
A referral is equal to $100 deposit towards any product. A $200 deposit would equal 2 referrals. Only towards non-refundable deposits.

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*Please note ALL Green Army Affiliate applicants are required to be 18 years of age or older. Applicants under age 18 may not be accepted.

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