Avvenire Electric Vehicle International Corp. Continues Partnership with Daymak

Clarington, Ontario – June 29, 2022 – Avvenire Electric Vehicle International Corp. is pleased to announce the continued partnership with Daymak, a leading provider of light electric vehicles. This strategic collaboration strengthens Avvenire’s position in the electric vehicle market and reinforces the commitment of both companies to drive innovation and sustainable mobility solutions.

The ongoing partnership between Avvenire and Daymak aims to leverage their combined expertise in electric vehicle technology, design, and manufacturing. By pooling their resources and knowledge, both companies can accelerate the development and production of cutting-edge electric vehicles that meet the demands of today’s environmentally conscious consumers.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Daymak,” said Julian Brown, Corporate Spokesperson for Avvenire Electric Vehicle International Corp. “This collaboration allows us to tap into Daymak’s expertise and experience in the light electric vehicle segment. Together, we can advance our shared vision of creating innovative and sustainable mobility solutions that transform the way people commute and travel.”

Avvenire and Daymak will focus on joint research and development initiatives to drive technological advancements in electric vehicle design, battery technology, and charging infrastructure. By working together, they aim to bring to market electric vehicles that offer superior performance, extended range, and enhanced user experiences.

The partnership with Daymak also extends Avvenire’s reach and market presence, opening up new distribution channels and opportunities for growth. Both companies are committed to expanding their market share and driving the adoption of electric vehicles on a global scale.

“We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Avvenire,” said a representative from Daymak. “This partnership allows us to combine our respective strengths and deliver exceptional electric vehicles that cater to a wide range of customer needs. Together, we are well-positioned to lead the electric mobility revolution.”

Avvenire and Daymak will continue to explore new avenues of collaboration and innovative solutions to shape the future of electric mobility. By working hand in hand, they aim to create a sustainable transportation ecosystem that addresses the evolving needs of consumers and contributes to a greener and more efficient future.

To learn more about Avvenire Electric Vehicle International Corp. and Daymak, please visit their respective websites at www.avvenire.com and www.daymak.com.

About Avvenire Electric Vehicle International Corp.

Avvenire Electric Vehicle International Corp. is a leading global provider of advanced electric vehicles and mobility solutions. Committed to driving the transition to sustainable transportation, Avvenire designs and manufactures cutting-edge electric vehicles that deliver superior performance, efficiency, and style. With a focus on innovation and environmental consciousness, Avvenire is shaping the future of urban mobility.

About Daymak

Daymak is a Canadian-based company specializing in light electric vehicles. With a focus on innovation, Daymak designs and manufactures a wide range of electric bicycles, scooters, and other personal mobility devices. Daymak is dedicated to developing environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation solutions that provide an exceptional user experience.



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