Aldo Baiocchi Goes Live: Talks Crypto, Spiritus and more with Catherine Ross on The Benzinga Crypto Show

Aldo Baiocchi President of Daymak Inc. is going live with Catherine Ross from the Benzinga Crypto show to talk about the new Daymak Avvenire Spiritus, the first cryptocurrency mining electric car, powered by the Daymak Nebula and Nebula wallet mining system. Get all the answers to the burning questions everyone wants to know about functionality, profitability and more on Thursday July 8th at 2PM.



Benzinga is a media and data company that provides important financial news to the new generation of investors. Based out of Detroit Michigan and founded in 2010, Benzinga has grown to provide actionable information about capital markets to approximately 25 million readers monthly. For more information on how you can pre-order the Daymak Spiritus or more information on how the Daymak Nebula mining system works click on the respective links.

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